Jones County Sheriff's Office

~ Alex Hodge, Sheriff ~
"Where teamwork makes the difference"
Jones County Sheriff's Office
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Welcome to Jones County

When we say pleasant, we mean it in the fullest sense. Blessed by geography, we have some of the most serene landscapes and mildest climates anywhere. What really defines us, though, is the pleasant environment created by good neighbors – and good neighborhoods. From the history-drenched city streets of Laurel and Ellisville, to the easy country living of Sandersville and Soso, there are over fifty individual communities in Jones County ready to welcome you with open arms.

These are communities that have been around a while, too, many tracing their beginnings to before the Civil War. We’re a hardy strain – a people who have overcome daunting obstacles over our long history. Not only have we survived, we’re thriving with a solid economy and strong social bonds between people.

We’re all that – and affordable too! Jones County has some of the most reasonable housing in the country, well below the national average – and over three-quarters of our adult residents own their own home. Couple that with a mild cost of living, and you have a place of incredible value.

We invite you to take a closer look at what makes Jones County the place to live: a pleasant quality of life, stable, long-standing communities, and affordable cost of living.

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